Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why did I agree to post every day in November, again?

Last night was like most other nights. We put boy to bed, we ate something random that involved thawing and heating food out of the freezer that someone (or something) else had cooked at some previous date, we cleaned up the kitchen, we decompressed in front of the TV upstairs (or husband did, while I tooled around online). Out of nowhere, in the flickering light of the television, husband turned to me and said the sweetest thing I can remember hearing in a very long time.

"You know? Before I met you, when I used to imagine being married -- having a wife -- I never knew it could be THIS good."

Which, of course, made me cry. But it was the good kind.

He's right, though. I didn't know it could be this good, either. We laugh so much. We have each other in stitches almost every day. There are some couples or families we know who always say they worry what life will be like when one of them retires from work, because they're not used to being together and wonder if they will get on each other's nerves. I think that's totally normal and understandable ... but that's not who we are together. We're that annoying couple who can't find ENOUGH time to be together. 

There's so much about my life now that's better than I ever imagined. Sometimes the abundance of blessings I've been given scares me. I imagine God looking down and saying, "Whoa, that girl really made out like a bandit, didn't she? How did I let that happen?! Time to balance things out a bit." 

Just to make sure you don't get a toothache from all the sweetness in this post, I'll leave you with a smattering of gripes. It's been a while since I brought you ...

Things I hate (a list)
  • Having a cold. It's the first thing boy's ever shared with me. GREAT.
  • When you open a bag of chips and there's nothing but SHARDS. How'm I supposed to dip a sliver of tortilla chip into salsa without getting my fingers all onion-y? 
  • When you've just poured milk on cereal and then the phone rings, and it's a call you HAVE to take. Bye-bye, breakfast. 
  • People who say, "irregardless" and think they sound smart.
  • When the radio's on really softly in the car, and you start humming or singing along, and after a minute or so you finally turn it up, and you realize you were in the wrong key the entire time.
  • When you're talking to someone and they keep touching their nose, and you wonder if they're trying to tell you something about the state of YOUR nose or if they just have an itch. Sometimes I lose my train of thought entirely, trying to puzzle it out. 
  • Most commercials during a DVRd show.
  • The hype over the recent Twilight books and movie. I read the first one. It was ok. I'm probably the only female in America who will admit that it wasn't AMAZING.
  • Apps that make my iPhone crash.
  • When the cookies are gone.
  • Junk mail. How many coupons from Bed, Bath and Beyond can one person use?
And with that, I'm off to bed. Pass the NyQuil, please. 

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