Monday, November 17, 2008

Under the wire

It's late, the baby's been up five time since 7 p.m., once for over an hour, and I still have to fold laundry. But lest you stress that there will be nothing to peruse ...

Here at WriteSoftly, we aim to please.

Check out these two posts from a hilarious guy I've never met. Jon Rahoi seems to me to be, from the look of his site, an amazingly interesting world traveler fluent in many languages. The upside of this? He's able to bring us Manglish (mangled English) from all over the world. 

Here, he's in Jordan.
And my all-time favorite -- from the Far East. (Be warned -- colorful language ensues.)

Back tomorrow!

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Laura said...

I almost never browse the Internet while standing, and I shouldn't have chosen now to start! I think I pulled a muscle at "Retchup," and that's pretty early in the list...