Monday, September 14, 2009

It's been a while. Let's get caught up.

Things that have happened recently:
  1. I got on a plane with boy and my mom and youngest brother to take a 10-day vacation. The flight was three hours long, and I'd been dreading the flying-with-a-toddler thing. Boy was amazing. I didn't even need to hand out any of the earplugs I'd brought along for the folks around us. It helped that his uncle J was along to amuse him with the light switches above the seats, and to read him the emergency situation trifold card.
  2. We landed in Wisconsin and the weather. Was. Perfect. Like, every day. Boy is now an outside-junkie.
  3. Boy discovered sandboxes for the first time. His life may never be the same. Also, he may someday file charges against me as an unfit mother for not introducing him to them sooner.
  4. Boy learned how to say, "Hey guys!" The fact that he learned this phrase before his native Texan "Hey y'all!" is cute to me, and probably appalling to my native-Texan husband.
  5. I attended the wedding of a dear, lovely friend to a really cool guy who bears a striking resemblance to Will Smith. Yeah. He's pretty easy to look at.
  6. We stayed with my mom's 90-year-old aunt who is incredible and still independent and truly one of the most devoted servants ever to do God's work on earth. She's also a little deaf. But that's ok. I can speak pretty loudly.
  7. I went to my first-ever county fair, along with my family. Boy LOVED the "ba-cocks" (chickens), "babbits" (rabbits), horses, cows, and goats.
  8. We ate a lot of cheese.
  9. And sausage.
  10. And fresh sweet corn. Like, it-was-on-the-stalk-five-hours-ago fresh. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW GOOD THAT IS. Now, when I pass corn on the cob at the grocery store, I actually snicker and roll my eyes derisively.
  11. We got on a plane to make the trip back home. Another three hours in the sky, and I was certain my earlier luck would run out. Nope. Boy was an angel again. I got super lucky. Mostly in having a mom who thinks ahead, because she'd brought along new toys for him that he'd not previously played with. That woman knows what she's doing.
  12. The return home meant we were coming back to 90-degree-plus days. With humidity. Gross.
  13. Then the Green Bay Packers won their season-opener on Sunday against long-time division rivals the Chicago Bears. I think I'm still high from that one.
  14. Then Michele from thetomatobear came to town, and I am SO EXCITED to see her and meet her little one.
  15. Then two days after we got back, our power went out for six hours. NICE.
  16. Then I found the closest mall to our new home. It has a Pottery Barn AND a New York & Company. I may need to get a job to fund these discoveries.
  17. It also has an Apple Store. Husband may need to get a second job to fund that one.
  18. Then boy spiked a fever and was diagnosed with a virus. AWESOME.
  19. Then I got a sore throat which I'm pretty sure boy gave to me. EVEN BETTER.
THERE. Now you know what's been going on.

Back soon.