Friday, April 20, 2007


I wrote this poem for my husband, more than six years before we got married. It's as true today as it was the day I wrote it. This is for him.

** ** ** ** **
** ** ** ** **
I breathe
you are peace and calm
and in your sweet scent
there is warmth

(in all my life
I never knew
that love is something
you can breathe)

with my cheek
against your heart
the pulse of my life
slows to match
the steady beat of yours
and as our blood
ebbs and flows together
I ease into
the rhythm
I have always
sought but
never found
till now

a matching heart
your warm embrace
the sweetest scent

I pull you in
and in that breath
you fill me up
with quiet stillness
and with hope

and I am whole again.