Sunday, November 09, 2008

Things to do

A few years ago (maybe four or so), my girlfriend C and I sat down and got serious. We each took out a piece of paper, wrote "Goals" at the top of it, and listed as many of our "someday" goals as we could. We meant to put them up on our respective refrigerators and work on them steadily. Guess if we did that. [UPDATE: C really did do it, I found out today. So ... guess if I did that.]

So I just found that list again. And even though it had gone AWOL, I'm glad to discover I've actually made some headway. 
  1. Marry [husband]. Check.
  2. Write regularly -- once a week at least. Check.
  3. Call my parents more often, just because.
  4. Memorize the Tablet of Ahmad. Check.
  5. Go on Baha'i pilgrimage.
  6. Write down what I remember about my gramma and grampa. Check.
  7. Get out of debt. Check.
  8. Start a family/Have a baby. Check.
  9. Learn sign language to use with our children. Check.
  10. Learn more Farsi.
  11. Feel more fit: Exercise more regularly. Hmmm.
  12. Serve the Baha'i Faith at the community level. Ongoing.
  13. Take more candid photos. At last count, there are over 1,800 photos in my iPhoto, almost all of them candids. Of boy. Check.
  14. Cook more often and more adventurously.
  15. Learn how to quilt and make at least one for my children.
  16. Do a spa girls' weekend.
  17. Climb a mountain. I cheated when I put this one down because I already had. 1998, Mount Quandary in Colorado, outside of Breckenridge. Elevation 14,265 feet. Got to 13,000+ feet. You bet your sweet butt I'm calling that "climbed." Check.
  18. Learn how to ballroom dance.
  19. Dance every day.
  20. Learn how to ski. Check.
  21. Take [husband] horseback riding.
  22. Go on vacation with friends.
  23. Take a sabbatical. Well, I'm not earning money, and I have no plans to earn a paycheck anytime soon. And I think I've learned more about myself lately than I ever have before. If that's not a sabbatical, I don't know what is. Check.
  24. Learn the Mongan method of childbirth. Check.
  25. See the cherry blossoms in Japan.
  26. Attend a marriage workshop. Check.
  27. Travel to: Scotland; Italy; Greece; England; Germany; Australia; Canada.
If I were to do the same exercise now, I wonder how similar the resulting list would be to this one. There are a few things on here (like quilting) that aren't so important to me anymore. 

I'll keep you posted, Internets. 

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RitaJeane said...

Can I assist with the girls spa weekend- I'm down.