Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trembling with more than the cold

Irrational fears I used to have, in connection with bathrooms:
  • That there was a frog or an alligator in the sewer system that would swim out and bite me on the tush.
  • That any photograph of a person's face was watching me pee (I always had to turn the TV Guides over to lay on their covers).
  • That there was a murderer hiding behind the shower curtain.
  • That a face would suddenly appear in the darkened window, terrifying me as I showered at night.
  • That there was a roach. Anywhere.

1 comment:

RitaJeane said...

Mine was always, and still is, spiders crawling out from under the rim of the toilet seat.

Oh and one time, I picked up a roll of toilet paper from the back of the toilet and a roach crawled out of it. I think I might have peed on myself a little