Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I mean, it's a backlit keyboard, for Pete's sake.

After he ate a sandwich and chips for dinner, my husband moved toward my new MacBook. As he reached for it, I leaped into action.

"Did you wash your hands yet?"
[Beat.] "Are you serious?"
"Well ... yeah. I mean, you had Cheetos."
"My hands are fine, honey."
"Please. Just do it."

Whether or not he actually did it is not important. What's sad is that ... I don't even do that to him when he reaches for the baby anymore. [Sigh. With a head shake.] 


RitaJeane said...

But of course.

married yoshimi said...

I understand this.

*yoshimi lovingly pats her macbook*

emlocke said...

I hear Cheeto dust is actually good for Baby's skin ;)