Thursday, September 04, 2008

It starts.

Today, Boy got his hands on a number of contraband items, which I had to wrestle away from him. Here's how various confrontations were resolved:

Boy crawled over to his diaper caddy and wrangled a bottle of baby lotion out of it, commencing chewing. I removed it from his hands. He crawled away and began to play with an actual toy quite happily.

Boy crawled over to the power cord for a floor lamp. I picked him up and turned him
in another direction. He crawled away, once again perfectly content.

Boy found the universal remote lying on the floor and eagerly pounced on it. I took it from him. BOY BEGAN TO SCREAM. IN ALL CAPS. It was REALLY LOUD, I tell you.

I am now outnumbered. Also, doomed. 

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Devon said...

Ah how the boys love the remotes. I found Ronan a toy remote when he was about that age. He loved it and it made all its little noises despite how much slobber was on it. I will try and locate it to tell you the brand. We would keep it with our remotes so he could have his own while we happily used the real one.