Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not quite a thousand words, but still, enough.

This may be one of my favorite pictures of my husband and myself, ever.

There's so much in it. We'd just climbed this little rock wall at the neighborhood playground where we'd taken boy, when a friend of ours snapped the pic without our knowing it. And I feel like there's a story in every corner. 

Being married to this man has indeed lifted me to heights I could never have imagined, or experienced alone. Or with anyone else, for that matter. As in everything we do, we climbed that little wall together, with his voice encouraging me whenever I couldn't quite find the next foothold or reach the next grip. And when we got to the top, somehow (but still not quite surprisingly), my hand ended up resting on his as we shared a hold. And ever so slightly, we leaned on one another. Which we do in all things, all the time. Plus, we're grinning. That's something else I do more of now than ever, thanks to him.

I love you, husband. 


Christy said...

oh...goosebumps...SO sweet...and such a treasure to have a husband and a FRIEND...you know??? I take that for granted too much :)

married yoshimi said...

best picture!! I clicked to see it up close and you're so pretty, lady!

screamy mimi said...

This is the best picture!! Perfect capture!

phu said...

That's awesome that it was a candid shot... it's romantic and enduring. You totally deserve the wonderful relationship you have. I'm happy for you!