Saturday, March 07, 2009

Maybe next time we'll let him actually PLAY.

Logic puzzle for you:

Two sets of parents and two very cute little boys head to the neighborhood park for an hour. How many digital photos can the parents take of the boys and themselves in that amount of time?

Apparently, the answer is 183.

Here's but a sampling of those. 

The independent walker:


The playground equipment:

The crazy parents:

The family photos:

The slides:

The swings:

If they'd just quit being so friggin' cute, maybe we could bear to leave the camera at home.

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Devon said...

Are you kidding, that is why they make pocket size cameras. My hubby has said that I get to buy my next camera. Has has bought me of which he killed on our honeymoon. I LOVE the pics of boy looking like Dad with his hat on backwards. CUTE!!!