Saturday, March 07, 2009

He probably thinks this post is about him.

Scene: MOMMY has set up video camera in the family room. She has turned the camera screen such that BABY can view himself in the screen as he stands in front of the camera. BABY, who is munching a small chunk of Girl Scout Cookie (MOMMY wishes she could tell you it was a piece of fruit, but it's not), catches sight of his face in the screen, experiments with how his movements translate onto film, and then decides to strike up a conversation with the good-looking child he can see.

Note the double-take BABY does when he turns to MOMMY and sees that she's finishing up the cookie she'd shared. (What you can't see off-camera is that BABY is signing, "more, please" but is instead forced to sign another sign he knows -- "all gone.")


married yoshimi said...

precious!!! lol, I loved this!!

gemmit48 said...

The phrase that sounded like "How are you?" in the other video sounds more like "I love you" in this one (at the 29-second mark). That was one of M's first intentional phrases ("ahwoo"), and she was so thrilled when we finally understood. She never would have been so nonchalant about "all gone" though -- I learned never to take the last bite of anything!