Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Just because I like 'em.

How long has it been since I did a random picture post? 

Well, that's too long.

There's a lot I like about this picture, which my husband took with his iPhone. (As a technology-aside, I'm kind of miffed that his iPhone, which is the newer model, takes much better quality photos than mine. Rawr.) I love that boy's leaning so far back, that he looks so happy and free. I love that he's wearing his monkey cap, and his Packers windbreaker. And I love, love, love the perspective on the swing chains. 

The poor kid is going to have some kind of complex when he gets older. Because, yes, that's a monkey towel, too. 

I love my boys. Even when they're watching college basketball.

Boy is rarely contained in any sort of contraption anymore. When he IS in a play yard of some sort, it's because I have to take my eyes off of him for a few minutes (like when I'm bringing groceries in from the car or something) and I need to be sure he's in a safe place. He usually spends that time either protesting vocally, or methodically testing the device for weaknesses (see above). Like the velociraptors in "Jurassic Park" tested the fences. 

"You talkin' to me?"

We have several azalea bushes in front of our house as part of the general greenery/landscaping/I-don't-know-the-technical-term. Most of the year, they're boring and blah, but for three glorious weeks in the spring, we get a veritable explosion of the hottest hot pink you can imagine. It's the only three weeks of the year I take any interest in gardening whatsoever, and this year I was moved to get the camera out and capture some of the intense color of our blooms. 

Storytime with pops.

"Um, mom? I'm kinda busy here."

"Seriously. The camera can't wait till this book is done?"

" 'What does a lion say,' you ask? RAWR!!!" I love this picture too. Husband's smile is the best.

I seriously had no idea my hair LOOKED this long. I've been on the verge of getting a serious cut -- like, chin-length, with side-swept bangs -- but this picture makes me think maybe I want to keep it long. I kind of dig the hippie vibe.

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screamy mimi said...

Wow! Your hair is so long! Whenever mine is that long I am always hesitant to cut it too. It feels like such an accomplishment to have grown it out so much! But then I get tired of it, and WHACK!

"Like the velociraptors" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

I'm always doing the "clever girl" line to Evie from Jurassic Park, the one the guy says right before he gets side-swiped by the velociraptor that comes at him by surprise.