Monday, October 06, 2008

Wha?? Five more minutes. Please.

Boy's not what you'd call a champion sleeper. Don't get me wrong -- he sleeps a healthy amount each night, just not strung together. In the past, he'd usually wake up three times a night or so, maybe four. 

But over the last three days, boy's learned to: pull himself up to a standing position against our couch and in his crib; crawl up stairs; cruise around step by step holding onto furniture. They say that when babies make big leaps in motor skills, sleep can be disrupted. 

Oh, boy -- can it ever. 

This is what's noted in my sleep log for boy last night. And yes -- every minute DOES count.

Slept 6:45-7:15 p.m., nursed.
Slept 7:25-8:45, binked*.
Slept 8:55-9:37, nursed.
Slept 9:57-12:08 a.m., nursed. 
Slept 12:22-2:08, nursed.
Slept 2:20-4:20, nursed.
Slept 4:41-5:35, nursed.
Slept 5:50-6:10, nursed.

At that point, I threw in the towel and brought the kid to bed with me to catch at least an hour or two of sleep. No dice -- he was up for the day. Sure, he took two naps of an hour and fifteen minutes each, later in the day, which meant that I did too -- but the choppy nighttime sleep is tough on us both. 

I texted my husband with the following note this morning, and I meant every word:

"Boy is up. It's 6:23. I think I'm going to be a zombie for Halloween. No makeup required."

* Boy has long since rejected all forms of pacifiers. So when I say he was "binked," what I mean is he took the only kind of binky he'll accept -- mom's index finger, nail down. No kidding. Judge if you want -- it worked on car rides in the past, when we tried it out of desperation, and it worked last night. A breastfeeding mom of a teething baby can only take so much.

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married yoshimi said...

oh,girl... That made ME tired!!

I'm praying you get a nice nap today.