Friday, October 10, 2008

Move over, Wonder Woman.

Superpowers I have obtained since becoming a mom:
  • Ability to always know where the keys are
  • Ability to survive on interrupted sleep (at a level known, up till now, only by torture victims)
  • Ability to make even boxed macaroni and cheese into something remotely healthy by sneaking in green peas (to which husband exclaimed, "You RUINED it!")
  • Ability to never let anyone in the family run out of clean underwear
  • Ability to not laugh when boy waits till I get the spoonful of squash right to his lips, then blows a tremendous raspberry.
Superpowers I still need to develop:
  • Ability to deal with geckos (there is a TEEMING COLONY of them outside our front door)
  • Ability to fake being pulled together on days following rough nights
  • Ability to whip up dinner from whatever's in the pantry, like a kitchen MacGuyver
  • Ability to display perfect patience when boy pulls my hair, scratches my neck, gooses my upper arm or bites me YET AGAIN
  • Ability to clip and remember to use coupons at the grocery store, plus keep track of double- and triple-coupon days and sale flyers

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Shorty said...

You've been selected to receive a blog award. Check out my post today to see what I'm referring to... Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences!