Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bob Dylan we're not

Before boy was born, my husband and I were sitting around one night*, idly discussing** the fact that we didn't remember very many nursery rhymes to sing to the pending baby. Rather than actually expend effort and Google a few to jog our memory, we elected to pen our own creations. Here's a ditty that my husband wrote. We have video footage of him singing this to boy in the hospital, and even now, when we launch into an energetic rendition of this, boy grins from ear to ear.

Monkey toes walking down the hallway
Monkey toes get hairier every day
Monkey toes pick up nickels and nuts
Monkey toes can be used to scratch butts!

You should know that this is one of the many new things I've learned about my husband since he and I embarked on this journey into parenthood together -- he's truly gifted at creating little songs and rhymes on the fly. Here's another one he's written, composed late one night when (wait for it) boy wasn't sleeping:

I love you, boy, I love you
We can take a walk and look at the moon, 'cause
I love you, boy, I love you
We sure hope you'll fall asleep soon, 'cause
We love you, boy, we love you
If you sleep till eight then it would be great, 'cause
I love you, boy, I love you
Sure didn't know you'd stay up so late, 'cause
We love you, boy, we love you ...

And so on. He's super good because he actually sings these little songs, making up melodies on the spot too. I think he might have missed his true calling.

Not to be outdone, though, I've penned a few lines myself. Inspired by my brother-in-law's declaration that boy's feet look like hamburger patties due to their satisfyingly chunky dimensions (see banner of this blog, just in case you haven't noticed), I've been reciting the following rhyme to boy as I patty-cake his chubby feet together:

Hamburger feet
Hamburger feet
Fries and a shake and 
Hamburger feet.

Medium rare
Medium rare
Cook my toodies to
Medium rare.

Ses'me seed buns
Ses'me seed buns
Serve my toes on
Ses'me seed buns.

Serve 'em up quick
Serve em up quick
Get 'em while they're hot and
Serve 'em up quick!

Boy loves it. Personally, I just hope our creative juices don't dry up by the time Number Two is born someday. Just in case the well's dry by then, do you think Number Two would believe we made up, say, "Row, row, row your boat?" Nobody sing it now, so it looks more original then.


* We did a lot of this before boy was born ... this now-only-fabled "sitting around."

** We did a lot of this, too, back then ... "idly discussing." Today's conversations have a much more urgent nature. "Catch him, he's tipping!" Or, "Uh-oh -- honey, where's the stain remover?" Or, "No, no, boy, not daddy's stereo receiver!"

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