Sunday, August 31, 2008

Grateful, part 1

Why I love the boy:
  1. Because of the way he sleeps on his tummy, with his diapered butt way up in the air.
  2. Because of the way, from time to time, he'll put a tiny hand on either side of my head (grabbing one ear and one handful of hair), and try to eat my face. It's as if he, also, loves me so much he wants to consume me.
  3. Because he is always, always happy to see me. And it doesn't matter if I haven't brushed my hair or if my t-shirt has strained peas on it or if I'm two weeks behind on getting my brows reshaped. He just lights up. (I'm enjoying it while it lasts.)
  4. Because he is heartbreakingly beautiful.
  5. Because he is mine.

Why I'm sweet on my husband:

  1. Because he gets the spiders. And geckos.
  2. Because he knows how much I hate being startled and has never once leapt out at me from behind a door.
  3. Because he hung in there and waited. And waited. And never gave up.
  4. Because sometimes, once in a while, he looks at our son and the boy's beauty makes him cry, too.
  5. Because he's never once made me feel bad about myself or said anything intentionally hurtful to me in the nine years we've been together.

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