Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good thing he's too young to vote.

I don't generally trust my seven-month-old son's judgment. Here's a quick run-down of his opinions ...

Things that taste better than actual food:
  1. His fingers
  2. My wrist
  3. Carpet fuzz
  4. Blanket lint
  5. Strands of hair

Syllables/sounds that are preferable to "ma-ma":

  1. Da-da
  2. Gee
  3. Ba
  4. [Various tongue clicks]
  5. Ts

Objects more interesting to gaze at than his mother's face:

  1. Ceiling fans
  2. Windows
  3. Moving cars
  4. Televisions
  5. Tubes of diaper ointment

Items more fun to play with than toys created for that purpose:

  1. Shoes
  2. Plastic bags
  3. Paper napkins
  4. Empty water bottles
  5. Stereo and TV components

Every now and then, though, he gets it right.

People he prefers to his mother, when he's scared or wants comfort, especially in the middle of the night:

  1. No one
  2. No one
  3. No one
  4. No one
  5. No one.

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