Monday, July 07, 2008

At the risk of seeming self-absorbed ...

I found the exercise of the "112" so stimulating that I'm working on version "1.1". I started it just for my own gratification, but am having so much fun with it that I'm considering putting it here. I'll post it if there's interest -- leave me a comment if you have any desire to read through another random list.

I think I've probably completely missed the point of how other bloggers have done it -- the two lists I've seen on other sites were carefully crafted to represent what seemed to embody each writer's core personality. But as you all know, I don't edit. So my 112 ended up being some things about me, not the definitive ones.

Plus, as rockalamp says, it seems ridiculous to assume that any one thing would permanently define any of us. I like the idea of doing the 112 periodically to see how I'm evolving, and would welcome the chance to read others' lists, whether it's the first take or the third or the eleventh.


Hailey - Dancer and DJ said...

do it! i'd love to read another list. And I've been meaning to write one myself. I loved the first one.

married yoshimi said...

I will read your list!!!