Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Next thing you know, we'll be discussing an exit strategy from Afghanistan

Actual conversation between boy and husband, by phone, yesterday afternoon:

Husband: "Hi, son!"
Boy: "Hi, dad!"
H: "Did you have a good day?"
B: "Det!" [Translation: YES!]
H: "What did you do today?"
B: "Mmm ... ABG! Ticket! Balls!" [Translation: We went to HEB! And the cashier gave me a Buddy Buck ("ticket")! And I used it to win clear plastic crap-tastic balls with stickers inside!]
H: "Wow! Did you have fun?"
B: "Det!"
H: "And what did you have for lunch?"
B: "Fries! Ranch! Chech-up!" [Editor's note: He also had a grilled cheese sandwich. Not sure why he chose to omit the entree from the re-telling.]
H: "Did you watch any shows today?"
B: "Boo coos! George! Sid kid!" [Translation: Blue's Clues, Curious George, and Sid the Science Kid. If you think that's too much TV for a not-yet-two-year-old, you can bite me. And read this post about my nausea.]
H: "Do you love your dad?"
B: "Det!"
H: "Ok. I'll be home soon. Love you!"
B: "Ee ooo, dad!" [Translation: Love you, dad!]


screamy mimi said...

Love It!!

phu said...

that's adorable