Wednesday, January 28, 2009

With each day, wisdom ...

Now that boy is one year old, and has been for all of two days, I'm learning more and more from him all the time. 
  1. A low-profile couch (one which has a lower edge just two inches off the floor) is a great way to keep toys from getting stuck under your family room furniture.
  2. Most toys.
  3. Chunky puzzle pieces and board books will slide nicely under a low-profile couch.
  4. Boy's hands fit into spaces just two inches high.
  5. Mine do not.
  6. If I think I'm missing books or puzzle pieces from the toy collection in the family room, I've learned where to look first.
  7. Our low-profile sectional couch is very heavy.
  8. Lift with your legs, not your back.
  9. A sprained back is very painful. Advil helps.
  10. Advil should not be taken with a prenatal vitamin, for the effect can be nauseating.
  11. Purple prenatal vitamins are just as purple when thrown up.
  12. But they taste approximately eighteen times as bad.
Stay tuned, Internets. I'm thinking of posting a special report on which types of toys hurt the most when stepped on in the dark with bare feet.


screamy mimi said...

HAHAHAHA! I had to cover my mouth to try not to laugh...Evie's asleep! SHHHH, Michele!!!

gemmit48 said...

Ooh! Ooh! I know the answer! Definitely Hot Wheels cars -- they hurt the most. However, plastic toy animals are the most dangerous to unsuspecting parent feet overall, because their coloring is more likely to blend into the living room rug, making them a hazard in daylight as well as after dark. T has a bunch of toy turtles that couldn't be better coordinated with all the various colors in my rug if we'd bought them as a set!