Friday, July 30, 2010

Why I wake up laughing most days

Because this kind of conversation, first thing in the morning, is pretty hard to NOT find hilarious. And when I say first thing, I MEAN first thing. The boy sat upright in the master bed, surveyed the room, and launched into this line of questioning in a still-sleepy, gravelly voice.

"Mom. Mom. MOM. What you doing?"
"I'm changing the baby's diaper."
"Why, mom?"
"Because she pooped."
"Oh. [pause] Yellow poop?"
[struggling to answer as gravely as the question was asked, you know, out of courtesy] "Yes, son. Yellow poop."
"Not brown poop?"
[starting to lose the battle] "Um, no. Not brown poop."
"Oh. [another pause] I have brown poop, mom?"
"[AHEM] Yes. Yes, son, your poop is brown."
[And I should have seen it coming.] "Why, mom?"
"Just ... just because."


screamy mimi said...

Hilarious! We're quickly moving into the hilarious comment phase too. For instance, seriously as I'm writing this, Evie starts saying what sounds like, "nipple?" over and over...much to my dismay. Turns out, it was actually a request for MAPLE, as in the maple oat nut scone we're sharing.

Also, I'm digging the new blog layout/style!

married yoshimi said...