Monday, October 26, 2009

First trimester rule #1


"The Stomach Shall Be Obeyed."

This is why I have, in the last three weeks:
  • Gone shopping and come home with the fixings for a white-bread baloney sandwich, as well as cherry Kool-Aid mix.
  • Eaten a twice-toasted, mini-whole-wheat bagel with cream cheese at midnight.
  • Craved, prepared, and then was unable to eat one single bite of three different healthy, multi-course dinners.
  • Consumed more spaghetti than anyone should.
  • Dreamed, vividly, about yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
  • Bought -- I shudder to actually admit this -- Cap'n Crunch Cereal. The Crunchberry kind. The box is almost empty. My husband didn't have any.
This rule is also known, for me, as "Thou Shalt Not Stand Between Me and a Carbohydrate." I am like the anti-Atkins right now.

(That reminds me. I have to put twice-baked potatoes on the grocery list.)

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