Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yes, indeed ... birthday cakes DON'T bounce. Thank you, Elmo.

We've developed a bit of an addiction to "Elmo's World," and by "we" I totally mean boy. He loves it so much that we watch it now ONLY during meal times (save the finger shakes -- I KNOW). I happened to discover, where there are five entire 14-minute episodes of "Elmo's World" as well as a host of other short Muppet clips, and it has totally saved my sanity.

In the "Balls" episode, Elmo discusses things that do and don't bounce. When Elmo gets to the part where he observes that "birthday cakes don't bounce," boy LOSES it.

There's a lot I love about this short video clip.

In no particular order:
  1. The way boy ramps up his laughter as the delightful image nears of a birthday cake crashing to the ground.
  2. The faces boy makes as he chews on his finger at the beginning of the second clip. He's making the classic "Hey, I just came from the beach and I have sand in my teeth" face, although whatever was in his teeth was probably only green beans.
  3. The way, when I correct his "Yeah" to "Yes, mom" he starts to say and sign "Please".
  4. The way he gets so excited when the "Elmo's World" theme starts up (I think he even begins to dance and wave), then immediately whines in dismay as I fast-forward.
  5. The way his furrowed brow lightens magically when he realizes he gets to watch a cake being smashed AGAIN.
  6. The laughter, of course.
  7. And finally, the crazy assortment of toys on his high chair tray. I can spot a cast-iron tea pot, a toddler crayon, and a tube of toothpaste. Hey -- he can play with whatever he likes, as long as he EATS SOMETHING.

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married yoshimi said...

this is HILARIOUSSSSS!!!!!!! omg, his laugh is infectious!