Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things I have learned in the last two weeks

  1. Even the good husbands sometimes take a short trip to Crazytown.
  2. Because they're the good ones, they always come back.
  3. Real estate issues will speed a husband's journey to Crazytown tenfold.
  4. Even when you curse its lack of storage space and the stupidly-shaped powder room you can't seem to decorate properly, you can get VERY attached to the house you moved into when you got married. 
  5. Especially since it's the same one to which you brought your baby home from the hospital.
  6. And the one where he took his first steps.
  7. (Sniff.)
  8. Looking at potential new homes makes you realize weird things that are deal-breakers about the house you will or won't live in. Like, "I really want our next house to have a hallway."
  9. Comfort food is named as such for a reason.
  10. Chicken pot pie is my favorite entree comfort food.
  11. I've been eating a lot of chicken pot pie.
  12. Also? My jeans are getting snug again. (Maybe the dryer's too hot. Hmmm. You think?)

1 comment:

gemmit48 said...

Not many hallways in recent architecture...good luck!