Saturday, December 06, 2008

House rules

We try to keep it simple around here, but we do have a few rules everyone has to follow.

1. No talking with your mouth full.

2. Speak up and contribute to your family ... and to your community. Make your voice heard.

3. Playing with food is ok, but only if mommy says so.

4. Learn something new every day.

5. Be proud of yourself and who you are.

6. It's ok to feel less than happy. Just be honest.

7. No passing of gas at the dinner table.


screamy mimi said...

Awesome. I especially love the last rule. I'm digging the new header pic and twitter feature. I've heard about twitter but haven't gone there yet...

Christy said...

LOVE your pictures!!! LOVE your new header---he is so adorable and you are very talented!!! oh, rule #7 :) that's a tough one--ha!