Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Things I hate

My last entry, entitled "Things I love" was all sweetness and light. I figured I'd turn the tables and make a rant-list for a change.

1. Getting a shard of a tortilla chip stuck between my teeth. OUCH.

2. Throwing up first thing every morning without fail for the first four months of my pregnancy. Thank God THAT'S over. There's nothing to make you hate mornings like knowing you'll greet the new day bent over a toilet.

3. Walking barefoot on ANYTHING except for clean carpet. I hate having dirty feet. And I also hate that feeling you get when you've stepped on a small, thin piece of plastic and it's hugging your skin like a best friend.

4. Motion sickness. I'm jealous of people who can read in the car with no trouble. I can't even sit in those backward-facing seats on Southwest Airlines planes.

5. The new trend in prime time television to split seasons into chunks throughout the year. When you have to wait like five months for the next installment of your favorite show, you resent the very thing you love. "What? It's only Valentine's Day ... and I have to wait till May to see the next episode of 'Lost'?! Goo."

6. Racism, prejudice and hatred. I think you can just lump all those together into "close-mindedness". If we could all open our minds to acceptance of others' differences, the world would be a better place.

7. Poodles. Creepy.

8. Onions. Stinky.

9. Touching wet food on dishes that need to be washed. Thank God my husband is willing to load the dishwasher. Equally lucky: He hates unloading it, and I love it. Bonus.

10. Missing a daily shower. I'm not a human being until I've showered each day. This is why I've never tried camping. Between a dearth of showers and the possibility of dirty feet (see number 3), camping seems like something I'm just not cut out for.

11. Bugs. Yet another reason I haven't gone camping. I'll deal with them if I'm alone in the house and I have to do it. But if my husband or anyone else is around to kill the roach, I'll pretty much be a tremendous coward about it. Can't help it.

12. Smelling like food. Pay attention here, this one's specific. I like smelling food, and the way food smells. I just don't like to smell like it myself. For instance, you know when you go to a Benihana's or to Subway, and you leave and you can smell your meal on you? Hate that.

13. Dusting. So boring.

14. Waiting for people ahead of me in the airplane aisle to load their stuff in the overhead bin so I can go past them and sit down. I don't know why I have such a problem with it. I'm normally a fairly patient person. But pretty much everything about flying is icky now.

15. Scouring the house for 'darks' to do a load of laundry, getting it started, then stumbling across one more thing you should have thrown in with it. Goo.

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